Pete ready to buy and sell records at the record fair

Buying and Selling at Record Fairs


A regular outing for the vinyl emperor and his stock is to a record fair. These are great days out, despite the hard work of lugging boxes of records and early starts, as we get to meet old friends and make new ones.

There is a lot of both buying and selling of records and there is often something new to see.


Pete ready to buy and sell records at the record fair

Pete all set up and ready



Loaded up car buying and selling records at record fair

Loading up for a day of buying and selling records.


Some of our favourite include those run by Karen at Vinyl Bank in Cheltenham Town Hall which is a lovely building in the centre of town.

Karen runs a number of small fairs around the country and these are always very well organised, friendly and well attended. – A full list of her upcoming fairs is available via her website.



Another local fair we visit from time to time is the bijou, out of the ordinary fair in Moseley. This is a special fair in a church hall. It is nice for us as it doesn’t open until one o’clock which makes for a more reasonable time to get up on a Sunday.

There is also a great vegetarian cafe in the back room serving lovely hot food throughout the afternoon. No wonder this is always well attended.

  • Buying and selling records at the Moseley Record Fair
    Busy buyers hunting out bargains.

Keep an eye on their website for the next date – usually about one a month.

The biggest host of record fairs is probably VIP 24.

We will be trying out their new Vintage and Vinyl Fair in Nottingham where they combine records with other forms of memorabilia into one big fair.

Details on their website


You never quite know what is going to turn up at a record fair. I have met many musicians who come along to try to replace lost albums. It might get quite chaotic but it’s always good to have a chat and make new friends (and customers!) or even help someone to sell their collection.


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