Harvest Record Label

We will buy albums on the HARVEST record label


The Harvest record label was the “Progressive” side of EMI and usually had the more “out there” acts.

harvest label

There are many fantastic bands on the HARVEST record label. Look out for the EMI logo – these will be reissues.

The most popular, in terms of sales, were probably Pink Floyd and maybe Roy Harper but there were many fine “Underground” acts were issued on this label. If you don’t recognise the name of the band then always check the label as it may just be a desirable item.

Most of the records released on the Harvest record label before about 1972 are collectible.

Be aware though – If an EMI logo is on the left of the label it is a second pressing, and worth about 50% of those without the logo!

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There are some great rarer acts on HARVEST and these are 2 that I think are definitely worth a listen.

PETE BROWN AND HIS BATTERED ORNAMENTS, had some sought after albums on this label,


Quatermass, a 1970 issue from a UK heavy progressive band…


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