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Carrie Martin has a new album, Evergreen, coming out. Here at Psychotron, we are delighted that the physical release will be on our label. There will be a CD and a vinyl edition.

In advance of the release of Evergreen, Carrie spoke to us about the journey, inspirations, collaborations, and heartache towards Evergreen.

Carrie Martin in a white dress and green cape in the forest

Tell us about how you got to Evergreen.

The last two albums Seductive Sky and Entity were the beginning of everything or something, to be honest, especially Seductive Sky. It was during the writing of that album that I suddenly found myself, my own style, and what I was trying to say.

I felt Entity was a progression and Evergreen is again a continuation of that journey. I do feel that Evergreen holds a few surprises, it has surprised me a few times already!

There are similarities to the previous albums, the links to my love for nature and the spiritual side of things, indeed the original painting on the front cover by Celtic artist Clare Roper-Paris speaks volumes.

Evergreen painting
Original artwork by Clare Roper-Paris

Which song came first?

Initially, I would most likely have answered Evergreen without hesitation as it was the first track that I owned up to writing during the pandemic but we now know that not to be true. Keep in the Light was actually written first but I disregarded it. I felt it was too raw, too full of emotion because it was a total outpouring of grief during the isolation that was lockdown. I had my soul laid bare in the lyrics as I pined for my loved ones, unable to see or touch them. I feared that life as we knew it was over, something many of us went through I feel.

I felt it was too raw, too full of emotion, my soul laid bare in the lyrics as I pined for my loved ones, unable to see or touch them.

I decided to share it after my bassman at the time heard me noodling the intro and asked what it was. I referred to it as a depressing dribble that I would never share. I eventually played it in full to my mentor Gordon Giltrap MBE who encouraged me to resurface it and develop it into somewhat of an ‘accidental prog track’! I am still laughing about this track that I nearly ‘binned’ as the addition of special guests; ‘Prog genius’ Oliver Wakeman and rock guitarist Roger Fisher from ‘Heart’ has projected it into somewhat of a stand-out track.

Can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind some of the tracks on Evergreen?

We should maybe use End of Story as an example as this track was commissioned by the rising author Louise Beech for her new dystopia novel of the same title (pen name Louise Swanson). After a quick outline of the story, which made me gasp by the way, I once again tapped into Lou’s creative mind and tried to mirror the sentiments of the book.

Another example would be The Tempest, inspired by the painting ‘Miranda, The Tempest’. I saw this painting on a venue wall whilst on tour with Psychotron’s very own Linda Bonner. Linda, being an arty creative herself and also her red hair connected to the character in the song. I then decided to write the last verse about Linda.

Instruments inspire too, evidence being in my purchase last summer of a beautiful Appalachian dulcimer that one of my fans fittingly named Demelza. I then went on to write on this beautiful instrument, a track called Lost in the Right time.

On the whole, I can be inspired by many things, but sometimes my lyrics aren’t emotionally easy to share or explain.

Carrie Martin onstage playing the dulcimer
Carrie Martin playing dulcimer at Great British Folk Festival in Skegness 2023

This album contains contributions from some new faces. What can you tell us about working with different people?

Oliver Wakeman has played two outstanding performances on ‘End Of Story’ and ‘Keep in the Light’ which also feature rock band ‘Heart’s’ lead guitarist Roger Fisher. I had spoken with Roger before about a possible collaboration but to actually have him on a track was mindblowing, partly because I followed ‘Heart’ and was a huge fan in my teen years.

Joining Oliver on this track are Jeremy Richardson from the John Hackett band on bass and session drummer Wayne Proctor.

I am delighted to have the pleasure of another ‘Vintage Guitar’ endorser Jamie Mallender playing bass alongside the super talented rock bluesman John Verity on the newest track on the album, Deep Blue Heaven, a folk, soul, blues offering.

Dan Cassidy joined me on fiddle once again on a track called ‘She Doesn’t Know’, it is always a pleasure to hear Dan’s beautiful tones on any track of mine.

Lesser well-known but certainly not any less talented musicians playing are York-based harpist Sarah Dean on Earth Angel and the tiny voices of two children Alice and Marthe Tregonning can also be heard at the very end of this track.

Jim Waltham who played bass superbly by my side for a few years plays on Beside The Evergreen, She Doesn’t Know, The Tempest, End Of Story, and Earth Angel. Jim and I have sadly parted ways due to his other commitments but he too was an inspiration and the door is always open for his return if he so wishes in the future.

And the album was something of a family affair too?

My son Ben Martin who has worked tirelessly alongside me in the studio recording and producing, indeed many of his brilliant ideas and talent are evident throughout the album. A very proud mum I am and I am the first to admit that he has held me up with his enthusiasm and brilliance throughout the full project.

Wayne Proctor’s ‘House Of Tone’ has done a superb job bringing the whole thing together with his superb mixing and mastering, playing excellent drum sessions on the full band tracks, and sprinkling the whole thing with a bit of magic. it isn’t the first time I have worked with Wayne and it certainly won’t be the last.


I dedicated this whole album to my previous photographer Laup. He has had such a tough few years with operations leaving him unable to join me on shoot locations. He was my right-hand man for photographs on the previous two albums and it has been sad to see that end.

Luckily Tone Broomfield has now stepped up to the mark with the photography, thank you Tone and I can tell you that Laup will still play a huge part in promoting Evergreen.

Last year was a tough one, losing two people that touched my life.
Malcolm Scott, the owner of one of the best venues in Hull: Kardomah, sending love to his son Mikey and the whole family x

The last but one day of 2023 dealt me a huge blow when we lost Hilary, wife of Gordon Giltrap after she suddenly became very unwell just before Christmas.

Hilary and Gordon are what I liked to call ‘My musical Mum and Dad’. Hilary has been behind many of my leaps forward musically and saying goodbye to her has shocked me and broken my heart completely.

My love goes out to my friend and mentor Gordon and Hilary’s children Simon, Ruth, and Rachael. xx

Carrie with Hilary and Gordon
Carrie with “musical mum and dad”: Hilary and Gordon

Thank you to…

Gordon Giltrap for his continued support, and friendship and also for giving me permission to record a version of his beautiful instrumental Loren.

Linda and Pete Bonner, for being behind me always and supporting me throughout everything. I am so grateful to them for bringing this album on both cd and vinyl to you …..

You, are my final thank you because without every one of you following my music all of this would be totally pointless.
So wherever you are in the world listening to my music, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart and hope you enjoy Evergreen as much as I have enjoyed creating it x

Carrie Martin, Evergreen will be released as a digital download on BANDCAMP or as a real physical and holdable CD or LP on our very own Psychotron Label.

Pre-order the Vinyl, and CD, or buy both (and save a fab 10%) now!


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