Island record label

We will buy vinyl on the ISLAND record label.


The name Chris Blackwell is almost synonymous with the ISLAND record label. The label was founded in Jamaica in the early 1960s. The name being taken from the Harry Belafonte song, “Island in the Sun”.

A very famous and huge label that started off with reggae and ska bands then became more mainstream with well known acts like Cat Stevens, John Martyn, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley, U2 and hundreds more.

Some of the early underground bands had small issues on this label that are collectable…

Early records on this label were on a white or pink label.

There were 3-4 different designs to the pink label and each one is worth something. It takes an expert eye to know which ones are first pressings and therefore most valuable.

Later Island used a “pink rim” label which is also collectible but not so valuable.


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The ISLAND record label has covered a wide variety of musical types over the years. A couple of my personal favourite acts are:


DR STRANGELY STRANGE, an English “acid folk” band in the style of Incredible String Band etc…


NICK DRAKE all 3 albums by this very English folk songwriter and sought after and have been reissued many times…

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