Transatlantic record label

We will buy albums on the TRANSATLANTIC record label


The TRANSATLANTIC record label was mainly a folk based label which branched out into rock music in the early 70s. It was founded by Nat Joseph with the intention of bringing all the great music he had heard on his journeys to America back home for the British audience.

Bizarre early sales came not from music releases but from 3 sex education records which sold upwards of 100,000 copies.

The TRANSATLANTIC record label brought to the masses best selling bands like The Dubliners and also Bert Jancsh. The label’s psychedelic credentials were cemented with releases by the band Pentangle.

In addition to folk, psychedelia and “adult interest”  the TRANSATLANTIC record label also released a number of Russian classical albums which contained the original Russian vinyl but with redesigned UK sleeves.


Almost all of the purple and white Transatlantic label are desirable. Again, please get in touch for clarification or valuation on any of these LPs.

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In the meantime here are a couple of my own favourites from the TRANSATLANTIC record label vaults…

STRAY were another nice British rock band who made several excellent albums in the early to mid 70’s…


JODY GRIND had 2 obscure albums on this label, both very nice…

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