Decca record label

We will buy albums on the DECCA record label


The DECCA record label is not a collectable label per se, as it was so big and mainly sold chart pop music including Tom Jones, Lulu and other “pop” acts of the day.

The label started in the late 1920s so there is quite a considerable amount of music out there. There was in fact an English and an American arm of the DECCA record label which can lead to some confusion when looking at what you might have.

Decca record label

Not the most sought-after of labels but I am always interested in what you have.

There were a few more obscure acts that were released on DECCA and these have become very sought after..

As with all labels, some records are more valuable than others so it is best to give Pete a call on 07791 633362 and have a chat.

These are a couple of the more obscure things released on the DECCA record label. If you find a copy of the second one in your collection then definitely call me!


T2 –  strange name but what a fabulous band, only the 1 LP came out but it’s all brilliant heavy rock…

LEAF HOUND – this has become one of the rarest major label records as it sold almost nothing and was then withdrawn…

Remember – We buy good condition vinyl on the DECCA record label for the fairest prices.

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