We buy Folk Label vinyl

What Folk Music Labels are worth money?


Folk music underwent something of a resurgence in the late 60s and early 70s and the styles had an impact on groups such as Led Zeppelin. We buy folk label vinyl and are always interested in hearing about collections for sale.

A myriad of small labels were used for Folk music in the 60’s and 70’s, the biggest of these being Topic.

Many of the acts that appeared on these smaller labels went on to having hits on major labels too. Most of the time the smaller labels were quite small distribution runs – which increases the desirability.

Some of the more collectable labels are MIDAS / FOLK HERITAGE / WESTWOOD and ARGO.

We buy folk label vinyl Topic label from The Watersons album

If you have anything on these labels then call me and I can either come to visit or arrange to collect and appraise and give you a fair price based on what it is and the condition it is in.


If you are looking through the artists in this genre then you may find ANNE BRIGGS. She  was one of the best UK folk singers during the time period and there are  2 classic albums that are sought after so if you have either of them then please give me a call. If you want to find out more about folk and the various sub-genres then you can read about it on our recent folk … electric folk … acid folk … what the folk? blogpost.



Remember – We buy folk label vinyl in good condition.

If you think you have something to sell and would like a fair and honest price, based on 25+ years experience then please call Pete or email us the details.