Psychotron Discoveries

Psychotron Discoveries

We are constantly on the look out for new and exciting sounds and if we haven’t seen or heard a band when we find an old record then we will buy it and listen to it.

Occasionally this has resulted in some great finds which we manage to get re-released for your pleasure.


We found this amongst a box of cheap records at a record fair. When we played it and heard jazzy influenced psych/prog sounds like Colosseum and others we knew it should be available.

We tried to research it but even Google couldn’t tell us who they were or where they were from. A band of this name appears on gig posters supporting the likes of May Blitz and Free at Mothers Club in about 1971…. probably the same?

Record Collector heard the music and agreed that it was an excellent album of unknown sounds and is releasing it as part of their collectible vinyl series soon.

Bob Theil – So Far

A copy of this was found in a charity shop in Swindon. When we heard it we loved the music and set about tracking down the musician – Bob was gardening in Belgium and was delighted to know his music was to be appreciated once more.

We bought most of his spare copies as we wanted our customers to be able to buy the original LP. This has now been reissued four times, gaining new fans each time.

Bob has since released other albums and is performing once more.

Time Wasters

This was a small privately pressed album from a Black Country music college. The students produced this record in a small quantity in 1977.

We spread the word around about this wonderful music and met with Greg Holt who was the teacher at the college.

This led to the reissue of the record.

BLUE BLOOD – Morning After

This was found in a record fair as a test pressing of an unknown band. It turned out to be psychedelic blues, like early Fleetwood Mac. Pete sent the music to Shadoks Records who were delighted to reissue it.


This was a white label LP discovered at a record fair. King George Discovery is a known Swedish band with an American blues singer from the late 1960’s.

However, when playing the white label it turned out to be amazing wild Jimi Hendrix inspired psychedelic rock unheard since 1968 when it was recorded.

This was snapped up for reissuing by Shadoks label.

THE SUN Tristan

Purchased as unknown acetate of Fairport Convention styled electric folk from another record dealer.

Again, this was unheard of and was reissued on the Shadoks label.