To get the best collections for the shop we have to spend time travelling for records…

Sometimes we get the opportunity to not only go travelling for records but to do what we really love, which is build friendships with fellow vinyl lovers.

Travelling for records - Psychotron in Cyprus

Here is a gratuitous selfie of the hard life of the record hunters. It’s not always warm and sunny when we go travelling for records though…

We have been to the lovely sunny island of Cyprus for sun, sea, sand and relaxation. Not a usual destination for a music lover or a vinyl hunter, but for us an excuse to visit our longest standing customer who retired to the island over seven years ago.  He has always loved music and is busy spending his retirement revisiting old favourites and ensuring he has copies of his music. Before he left the UK we bought all the vinyl that he had replaced with CDs to minimise his shipping costs, giving him extra funds and less bulk to emmigrate with.

However, he still has a cabinet full of vinyl which Pete spent a happy day trawling through.

The majority of the records were probably sold by Psychotron over the years. He is a great customer as he has eclectic musical tastes and was often willing to try one of the items Pete recommended. Many of his LPs were old 80’s and 90’s reissues of rare bands that have now become collectible in their own rights. One of the great titles in his collection and a long fave in our house is Fuchsia – an inventive progressive rock band with a folky and jazzy tinge to the sound – quite unique.

One of our favourite destinations for musc and vinyl hunting is Sweden and we now have many friends over there, some with record shops. There is a young Swedish band we have come across who were so impressed by the Fuschia album that they named their band after one of the tracks – Me and My Kites. They have a similar style and their music holds that same eclectic mix of prog rock, folk and jazz. When the front man of Fuschia, Tony Durrant, heard the band he was impressed. Me and My Kites now back Tony and they perform together playing Fuschia songs. A lovely story where the fans of a band move full circle back to work with the artist that inspired them.



When we returned to the grey skies of Birmingham Pete travelled to Longbridge on the other side of the city to buy a record collection from the family of a recently deceased blues musician. His family were not interested in the vinyl collection but knew that it was worth money.

They had rung a few dealers and were very happy with the fair price that Pete gave them for the collection of over 1000 vinyl records, mainly LP’s.

There is a lot of reggae influenced music in the collection and a range from the usual to the obscure – Pete is always happy to discover records that he has not seen before and this man bought vinyl throughout his life right up to the 00’s so expect some new gems to appear on sale soon.

Look out for new listings on DiscOgs as Pete sorts through the vinyl!


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