Psychotron Records is pleased to announce that Sutton has a record shop again.

Danny Reddington cuts the ribbon to open Psychotron Records new store in the Sutton Coldfield Market Village, South Parade on 4th June.

The shop buys and sells second hand records and original 60’s poster art.  It is stocked with both collectible vinyl for the enthusiast and cheaper records for those new to collecting.

Danny is an inspiration to Pete Bonner, the owner of the new shop. Many visits and the occasional Saturday shift at the city centre shop left the young teenage Pete with an insatiable desire for vinyl and a dream of one day having his own shop. The love of records led to him trading and collecting, developing an in-depth knowledge that allowed him to create his business Psychotron Records which has been his full time job since 2000.

Pete is delighted to be opening a shop and giving young music fans the opportunity to experience what he did as a youth. As many current bands are again releasing their music on vinyl, it is great to be able to explore the music that inspired them.

To celebrate the opening of the shop, Psychotron released their 4th LP, ‘Ghostly Projections’ by Peter Scion.

This is a limited edition of 16 copies only, laser cut record of a Swedish musician.

Psychotron Records is a mail order and online retailer that has been trading for over 20 years.

A few years ago, Pete fulfilled another dream to release his own records and Psychotron became a record label.  Other releases from Psychotron include The Electric Crayon Set, ‘What a Rotter of a Day’; Love Messengers ‘Save My Soul’ (7”) and Slapran.




Press Release Psychotron New Shop opens in Sutton

Lindas wall in shop

Wall of concert and promo posters on wall of new shop


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