We are very excited to announce a new project that is being pressed up at the moment – the latest album by the guitar legend that is GORDON GILTRAP. His first vinyl release in maybe 20 years and we can’t tell you how proud we are that he chose us to deliver this sublime slice of prog folk in the vinyl format. Called THE LAST OF ENGLAND with Paul Ward and out now on CD. As is befitting we are making a luxurious package in a stunningly designed laminated gatefold sleeve on orange vinyl and pressing 500 copies only. There will be a special signed poster edition of probably 100 copies only (logistics still to be sorted), then another 150 copies with an unsigned poster.

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The music is getting lovely reviews all over the net; here is one example from Amazon

Gordon Giltrap is back and, thankfully, has lost none of his skill and magnificent guitar tone on this brilliant new album, ‘The Last of England’.  His guitars sound as glorious as ever, ringing out more clearly than any other guitarist can make their instrument.  All 14 of the tracks collected here show Giltrap’s performance and tone absolutely perfectly all the way through. He sounds as if he’s really enjoyed making this album.  Credit must also go to his new collaborator, producer and keyboardist Paul Ward. Ward holds his own musically and his production brings out the best in the old master; a clean, clear and joyous sound. It’s an excellent album and while it may not be as rocky or proggy (is that a word?) as some of his earlier work it’s a lovely, calming reflection of a man at peace and in total control of his art. If Ward can help Gordon produce music like this then long may their collaboration continue!”

Of course to fit on the standard Vinyl format we have had to lose 3 tracks from the CD version but this is made up with sound quality you get from a beautifully produced album. It should be here around July.


The newly designed poster some of which are due to be signed.

Gordon Giltrap - A2 POSTER (3mm bleed)


It has been a busy few weeks here. The shop is going very well, as we have had collectors from all over the country and a couple of foreign dealers visiting recently. We also have lots of happy local collectors which is always nice. Starting to get some stock coming in through the door which is good, and I’m always happy to trade of course. We have traded for many years with friends around the world and while many stopped once Ebay got going some of my old trading pals are still with me.


The Psychotron label is busy. Check out our own label releases on the site.

PR1001 Electric Crayon Set

PR1002 Love Messengers

PR1003 Slapran

PR1004 Peter Scion

PR1005 July

We still have copies in stock of most of our releases, except PR1004 which was a limited run lathe cut that sold out instantly. Slapran will be sold out very soon – we have less than 10 copies left here. July has been doing very well and on a couple of wholesalers best sellers lists recently.  Shindig magazine have recently given it a 5* review which unfortunately isn’t available online (we will post it in the near future)  We have approximately 60 copies left – a few of which are the limited poster edition (Sorry latest update 30 copies left).




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