Carrie Martin “Beside the Evergreen” promo video

“Beside the Evergreen” promo video We are really excited to be releasing Carrie Martin’s new album EVERGREEN on our own Psychotron label. Both CD and Vinyl contain format-exclusive tracks. In advance of the release, we present the Carrie Martin “Beside the Evergreen promo video. You can read about Carrie Martin’s journey to Evergreen in our […]

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Carrie Martin plays Beside the Evergreen

Carrie Martin plays her new song Beside the Evergreen Carrie Martin has a new album coming out. It will be released on CD and Vinyl on our own Psychotron label. In the meantime, here is a live rendition of one of the tracks off the forthcoming album: Evergreen. You can read our exclusive interview with […]

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Carrie Martin talks all things Evergreen

Carrie Martin Evergreen Interview Carrie Martin has a new album, Evergreen, coming out. Here at Psychotron, we are delighted that the physical release will be on our label. There will be a CD and a vinyl edition. In advance of the release of Evergreen, Carrie spoke to us about the journey, inspirations, collaborations, and heartache […]

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