Various Artists, ‘They Never Made It – Vol 1’

Psychotron Records, together with SoundHawk Records of Finland have teamed up to put out a compilation mix of lost music. A “tongue in cheek” compilation of “lost bands” featuring Lo-Fi loud garage rock, punk, Power Pop and Psychedelia.  All of the tracks are unique to this album, and perhaps one of the best things we have ever made! The last super limited lathe cut we issued sold out in 1 day, don’t hang around.

We are releasing a limited edition lathe cut record of ten of the weirdest, hardest, craziest garage, punk, psychedelic tracks from bands you will probably never of heard of. As ever, Pete’s ear for unusual and great music has prevailed to discover these gems from bands such as Heavy Drizzle and Underground Car.

Featuring our old friend Timo Paakko this is a unique chance to hear this music. Buy your copy here.pr1007

Track list:


  1. Magnificent Stinking Donkeys – SILLY BOY
  2. Underground Car – I DON’T WANNA GO
  3. Three Snotty Things – TUMOUR
  4. The Serialfillers – CAN’T KILL A STOOGE WITH A SMALL FACE
  5. Mark Well & the Wellmen – I CAN EAT BUBBLEGUM


  1. Heavy Drizzle – NOT FROM THIS WORLD
    Timo LP

    Each record comes with insert giving notes on each of the discovries

  3. Johnny Straightjacket & Kid Junkers – ANIMAL PEOPLE
  4. Lennart & the Fillers – TALES FROM A PSYCHEDELIC LOO
  5. Gargamel – END OF THE BEGINNING

PR1007 release 16th August 2017. Order today.

A clip of Track 1 Side 1 


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