Electric Crayon Set What a Rotter of a Day album cover Released on Psychotron Records label PR001

Electric Crayon Set – What a Rotter of a Day

Record Collector Magazine Review
“Birmingham-based Psychotron deliver The Electric Crayon Set, an experienced group that might hail from Finland but have the British Invasion sound down to a tee. The title track kicks off with feedback and Cockney speak courtesy of Keith Hall, sounding like a lost Small Faces recording before the band kick in with some stomping psych-pop. Other tracks, such as the wistful Spacedust and Archduke Of Rain, are equally strong, while Good Girl reveals that the band are adept at chorusdriven 70s power-pop.
Elsewhere, there are touches of wistful folk and, on Morning Of Magicians and Angel Of Mons, lead singer Timo Pääkkö is joined by his daughter, Vilma Pääkkö, who adds flavour, especially when her final chorus echoes away like a dub plate. If you’re a fan of Fruits de Mer, you’ll love this. It’s limited to 300 copies on blue vinyl, so y ou’ll have to get in there fast.”
4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars
Psychotron | PR 001 2013


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Psychotron release PRo1. Only 300 copies made, each individually numbered. Last few copies remaining