Incredible String Band poster

Very nice new printing of this nice 60’s item, with the I.S.B. and others, brightly coloured – as you will be after staring at it for hours! approx 24″ by 16″


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Nigel Mantzel was a UK poster collector, dealer and enthusiast who passed away suddenly in 2016. Part of his legacy is a collection of psychedelic posters that Nigel called ‘Spirit of the Sixties’.  He had a number of posters designed and printed in the style of the 1960’s artists from the collective Hapshash & the Coloured Coat and others who were responsible for many of the music posters from the 1960’s. Nigel sold these posters by mail order from the late 1980’s until his untimely death. There are an affordable way to enjoy the art of the time. Psychotron has acquired the remaining stock of these posters and can offer trade prices for bulk orders.

This is a very nice new printing of this 60’s poster. It features the I.S.B. and others.  The artwork is bright colours and benefits from you staring at it for hours!

Measures approx 24″ by 16″