Gordon Giltrap Carrie Martin and Jamie Fowler performing in the Psychotron Records shop

Carrie Martin live in Psychotron Shop

Seductive Sky by Carrie Martin is the latest release on the Psychotron Records label. A Gig in a Shop One of the great things about having a record label and a shop in the high street is the chance to put on an event. What better way to launch a wonderful collection of songs than […]

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Pete and the Pistols

The Super Rare and the Super Expensive

What’s the Rarest Record You Own? This was a question that was posted in the Psychotron Records Facebook group a couple of weeks ago. (Thanks Mart…) It was a one of those moments where you find yourself biting at the inside of your mouth because you really want to say something… Super rare and super […]

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Pete standing outside the new Psychotron shop in Boldmere

Psychotron Records new High Street shop

Psychotron Records are very happy to announce our new shop location We are now a high street shop! It is very exciting. We have said good-bye to our friendly little unit and have upped sticks (tables, boxes, so… so… so many records and pieces of Hi-Fi kit) to lovely Boldmere. You can find us at […]

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A Psychotron discovery of local prog record

Psychotron have made another discovery – this time it is a local band – and not just Birmingham local but even closer – Sutton Coldfield. MERCY AND THE WILD SEA We are delighted to be relaunching this progressive rock album created by some local musicians for a theatrical project performed at the Edinburgh festival in […]

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Another rare release from Psychotron Records!

Various Artists, ‘They Never Made It – Vol 1’ Psychotron Records, together with SoundHawk Records of Finland have teamed up to put out a compilation mix of lost music. A “tongue in cheek” compilation of “lost bands” featuring Lo-Fi loud garage rock, punk, Power Pop and Psychedelia.  All of the tracks are unique to this […]

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Exciting news from Psychotron Headquarters

NEW RELEASE We are very excited to announce a new project that is being pressed up at the moment – the latest album by the guitar legend that is GORDON GILTRAP. His first vinyl release in maybe 20 years and we can’t tell you how proud we are that he chose us to deliver this sublime […]

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Psychotron release JULY ‘Resurrection’ LP

We have been a fan of JULY since first discovering their legendary 60’s album in the late 70’s. It is such fabulous music and embodies all that was good about the late 60’s Psychedelic movement. Many albums from that period had a couple of nice songs but every track on their debut LP was a classic. […]

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Psychotron Records Store is going well

Psychotron Records Store is attracting customers from all over Europe The ribbon was cut and the shop opened its doors. Danny Reddington enjoyed serving the first customers on the opening day and since then we have attracted customers from all over the West Midlands and beyond. Bob from Solihull is a regular, as is Kevin from Tipton. […]

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Dub records

What the Dub? Pete’s easy guide to genre Part 2

We followed on from our previous conversation about folk music and this is basically what followed: Where and when did "Dub" start? The Dub music sound came to prominence in the early 1970's in Jamaica. It started when recording artists such as  Dennis Alcapone would record instrumental tracks for the B side of their singles which other performers would add their own vocals to. These instrumental versions morphed into dub by addition of effects and echo and other studio trickery. One of first credits [...]

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Buying records then buying more records

A couple of people popped in to the new shop in and sold him records over the counter. A dealer collector visited from Coventry and sold us eight collectible records, and Pete had quite a few phone calls and then went off buying more records. Pete has always said that he will travel to get the best collections. This week he visited houses around Sutton Coldfield, one in Walmley, one in Streetley and two from further afield. We will [...]

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Psychotron Records Store is now officially open!

The dry run is over and Psychotron Records Store is now officially open! Well, we will be on Saturday morning. Cakes are baking and ribbons tied ready for the official cutting by Danny Reddington. In the meantime, here is a fab article from the Birmingham Mail about the newest record shop in Birmingham.   We […]

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